Why does the Typed DataSet generate FXCop violations?


For B1 we generated typed column events and event args.  The Typed Column Events and Event Args have been cut and will be removed in Beta 2.  The scenario will still be enabled as we’ll generate an event handler when needed in the designer.  Please look for info in our team blog on B1 to B2 changes.  I hope to post these changes the week of 9/20/04


As for the many of the other errors, most we are unable to fix.  The nested classes issue is something we shipped in VS 2002 to make sure the tables are unique across multiple datasets.  Many of the column and parameter names are a result of column names in the originating database.  Because many databases are case sensitive, we are unable to modify the properties and parameters.  We must use the same names that are provided by the database. 


We are looking to add an attribute to the generated code that would suppress the warnings FXCop generates. 


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