What's Wrong with Online Help? (by Adam Braden)


If you’ve downloaded VB Express Beta2 and tried using online help, you’ll notice that your F1 help doesn’t quite seem right.  It turns out there is a problem with help sending its request in the wrong order so the least relevant topic shows up in your help window.  Folks on our team are aware of the issue and they are working on a potential fix.  In the mean time I found out about a new feature that provides a workaround – when the wrong help topic comes up, there’s an “F1 Options: (choose)” combo box (see the picture below) – drop it down and you’ll notice the most relevant topic is at the bottom of the list.  Just select it and viola! you are in business.  Now it is much easier to dig into all those new VB2005 features.

UPDATE 5/18/2005 – this issue has now been resolved on MSDN.

Adam Braden
Visual Basic Test Manager
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