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Beth Massi

I just posted a couple screen casts/interviews on Channel9 you should definitely check out. I rounded up VB team members and influentials and asked them what their favorite Visual Studio 2008 features were and to give us all a demo of them!

The first one is with Erik Meijer and he shows us his favorite feature, XML Literals:

In this in interview Erik Meijer, an Architect on the Data Programmability team, shows us how LINQ to XML works in the next version of Visual Basic, 9.0. He talks about some of the history behind the features as well as how XML literals, unique to Visual Basic, are implemented. He takes us on an adventure on how to efficiently work with XML using XML Intellisense and an Office Open XML Excel document, pointing out a lot of tid-bits of information along the way that only Erik could show us.

 The next one is with Jonathan Aneja and he shows us the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0:

In this in interview Jonathan Aneja, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic team, shows us how the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0 helps you migrate your existing VB 6 applications one form at a time to .NET. He gives us insight on how we can write .NET user controls and forms to take advantage of the .NET framework but still run within our VB 6 applications. He shows us a demo where he creates a .NET user control which uses LINQ to SQL features and then shows it running inside a VB 6 form.

I suggest watching them full screen for easier viewing of the demos. More will be coming soon so stay tuned! Enjoy!

Beth Massi, VS Community


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