Visual Basic "Learn" Section of MSDN – Give it a Spin (Beth Massi)

Beth Massi

The Learn tab of the Visual Basic Developer Center is being updated with a bunch of new content and VS 2008 topics. If you look at the center of the page you’ll see the list of topics and when you click one, you should now see some fresh stuff. Currently there’s over 200 items presented on the topic pages and we’re adding more every week. Right now each of the topics are displayed in a fixed order by content type (i.e. Webcast, Video, Article, Blog, etc.) but we plan on adding a tag cloud for easier navigation and more community features going forward so check back often. You can also subscribe to each of the content sections independently by clicking the RSS icon next to each heading.

Or… if you don’t like this view you can write your own query! That’s right, these feeds are all dynamic and public. For instance, if you want to see all the Visual Basic items on LINQ:

Or maybe you want all the videos on data access in VB: 

Look for more features coming out soon.

Beth Massi, VS Community


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