Visual Basic Express Edition Videos


by Kathleen McGrath


Have you ever wished that you could have someone show you how to accomplish a programming task instead of having to read through the steps on how to perform the task? Or maybe you just need a little more clarification about where a particular option is located. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so imagine what a video can do.


I’m creating a series of video demonstrations that follow the Visual Basic Guided Tour in the Visual Basic Express documentation as a way to supplement the great content you’ll find there. My first set of videos are based on Creating Your First Visual Basic Program.


You can watch the video for each topic individually:


Step 1: Create a Project in Visual Basic

View Video Screencast

Step 2: Create a User Interface

View Video Screencast

Step 3: Customize Looks and Behavior

View Video Screencast

Step 4: Add Visual Basic Code

View Video Screencast

Step 5: Run and Test Your Program

View Video Screencast


Or watch the entire process:


Creating Your First Visual Basic Program

View Video Screencast


Enjoy! And please feel free to send me your feedback about these video screencasts.


— Kathleen



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