VB 2008 IDE Tips & Tricks Presentation Materials (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

Last week I went on a user group tour around Southern California. I’ve uploaded the materials from my talk:

You can find these all posted together on the following Code Gallery page.

The demo requires installation of Refactor!, which is a 3rd party tool available for free on MSDN. I also pointed out a number of resources at the end of the talk that you might be interested in:

  • VB Developer Center: http://www.microsoft.com/vbasic
    -> This is your best one-stop-shop for everything that is Visual Basic.
  • VB & C# 2008 Keyboard Shortcut posters 
    -> I handed out printed copies of these at the event.
  • Microsoft Connect
    -> A place where you can submit bugs or suggestions about Visual Studio.
  • VB Run
    -> VB6 resource center. Great info on best practices, tools, and case studies regarding moving to .NET.

Thanks & Enjoy!


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