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There have been some great articles on My coming out over the past month.  This article by Jesse Liberty provides some good examples of how My services can be integrated into applications.  If you’re working with the Beta, you may notice a few discrepancies between the article and the Beta bits.  For example, My.DataSources has been removed from the object model.  Check it out!

Rapid Application Development with VB.NET 2.0 by Jesse Liberty — For a couple of years now, Jesse Liberty been touting the Microsoft endorsed-sentiment that it really doesn’t matter if you program in C# or in VB.NET, since both are just syntactic sugar layered on top of MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language, the true language of .NET). That appears to be changing a bit with Whidbey. Jesse Liberty investigates the new My object in VB.NET 2.0.



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