Misfit Geek Podcast – Episode #2 "Does VB have a Future?" (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

The Misfit Geek, Joe Stagner, asked me this provocative question in a recent episode on his new podcast series: “Does VB have a Future?”. Tune in to hear more details on my answer, which of course is YES! ๐Ÿ™‚ We talk about plans for increasing the VB.NET content across Microsoft, the great innovations that are happening in VB.NET, idea sharing that’s been happening between VB.NET and C#, the similarities and differences between VB.NET and C# developers, and more!


Episode #2 – Lisa Feigenbaum from the .NET Managed Languages Group

In this episode – The Misfit Geek talks with Lisa Feigenbaum from the .NET Managed Languages Group about Visual Basic .NET. Does VB.NET have a future ? Does Microsoft love C# more than VB.NET? Listen and find out.

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