Kit George and Chris Smith on Channel9 (Beth Massi)

Beth Massi

I posted a couple more videos on Channel9 that you’ll definitely want to check out! Thanks again to Kathleen for helping with the production.

The first one Kit George walks us through some of his favorite VB9 language features that enable LINQ:

In this in interview Kit George, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Team and a former member of the CLR Team, shows us his favorite language features that enable LINQ without actually talking about the queries themselves. His excitement about Extension Methods, Anonymous Types, Object Initializers, Type Inference and the new Refactor! shows through in typical Kit fashion. It’s an interview that’s as much fun to watch as it was to produce!

The next one Chris Smith gives us a quick TechEd “booth babe” demo of LINQ to XML in VB9:

In this in TechEd demo Chris Smith, a Developer on the Visual Basic Team, gives us a whirlwind tour of some of the unique features coming in Visual Basic related to XML.

I suggest watching them full screen for easier viewing of the demos. And stay tuned for more VB Screencasts on Channel9!

Beth Massi, VS Community


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