Drag-drop data binding for WPF in Visual Studio 2010 (Milind Lele)


One of the improvements in VS2010 (CTP available for download here) is drag and drop data binding for WPF. Drag-drop data binding has been available for WinForms since Visual Studio 2005. So those of you that are familiar with that will find the WPF experience quite similar and readily usable. In VS2010 we’ve brought that to WPF.

VS2008 SP1 brought the ability to add an Entity Data Model (EDM) to your projects. In VS2010 we’ve added support for EDM in the data sources window. Thus when you add an EDM to your project, the entities show up in the data sources window. You can simply drag the entities and drop them onto your WPF form or control to bind them.

I blogged about this on the Visual Studio Data blog recently.

Download the CTP, give it a try and do let me know what you think.

Milind Lele
Program Manager


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