Code Focused Development in Visual Studio 2010 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum

Do you spend a lot of your day in code? (Writing code, navigating code, modifying code, understanding code, testing code, debugging code, etc.) If so, then the Visual Studio 2010 IDE has got a lot in store for you! In this release we’re focusing on optimizing for code-focused development, which covers each of these tasks. There are a number of new features being added, designed to make your day easier. Here’s the list:

  • Quick Search
    • for better navigation…
  • Highlight References
    • to better understand and navigate your code…
  • Call Hierarchy
    • to better understand your code…
  • Generate from Usage
    • to write code more quickly, and help with Test-Driven development…

The VS 2010 Editor has also been rewritten using WPF and MEF (Microsoft Extensibility Framework) which allow us to create features with better visualizations and make it easier to create killer add-ins.

Here are a few videos you can watch to see these features in action!

  • Channel9 videos with IDE lead, Karen Liu:


Visit the forums to submit your feedback.

  • Forums
    • Test-driven Development Support with the Generate From Usage Feature (forum)
    • Call Hierarchy (forum)
    • Quick Search for Files and Symbols (forum)

Finally, download the CTP to try them out yourself! There are some great walkthroughs included in the CTP download, to help you explore the new features.


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