Raymond Liu

Firmware Engineer Intern, Surface Duo Developer Experience

Raymond is a computer engineering student at the University of Michigan. Along with robotics projects, he enjoys audiobooks, video games, watching F1, and badminton.

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Travel Planner dual-screen sample app

Hello Android developers! Over the summer, Hersh and I worked on a sample app that demonstrates a variety of dual-screen app possibilities. We used APIs like Jetpack Window Manager to create features that work across different foldable devices, including Microsoft Surface Duo. In this post, I’ve highlighted some of our favorite ...

eBook sample with Jetpack Window Manager

Hello Android developers! Reading books on Microsoft Surface Duo can be a great take on the classic reading experience. In this blog, we will walk through an eBook reader sample I created as an internship project. This eBook sample demonstrates how the Two Page layout for foldable devices can naturally spread content across multiple...