Uninstalling Visual Studio 2013 with VSUpdate error: Element not found

Heath Stewart

Our first public release of Visual Studio Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is available. There are, however, a couple of known issues in hopefully uncommon scenarios.


ElementIf you attempt to uninstall Visual Studio 2013 after VSUpdate has been installed, you may see an error after a while that reads “Element not found.” VS2013 may not be completely uninstalled from your machine.


Try uninstalling VS2013 again from Programs and Features. This should completely uninstall all but a few packages (like the .NET Framework and any other packages shared with other bundles) from your machine.

More Information

This is caused by a problem in VS2013 RTM. Even if you install a future VSUpdate, uninstalling RTM while the update is installed will trigger this error. This problem is fixed, however, for future versions as well as in WiX v3.9.