Transform Validation in WiX Patch Build

Heath Stewart

In the latest WiX v3 drops a new element is supported to configure transform validation bits. The default is still 0x0922001f but you can now configure them. Torch.exe was also modified to accept transform validation bits using the same flags as msitran.exe in the Windows Installer SDK, as well as transform types that group together common flags. Currently, you can easily build language, instance, and patch transforms using torch.exe -t <type>.

To use the new element, add the <Validate/> element under <PatchBaseline/>. The default value of 0x0922001f is equivalent to the following:

<Validate IgnoreAddExistingRow="yes" IgnoreAddExistingTable="yes" IgnoreDeleteMissingRow="yes" IgnoreDeleteMissingTable="yes" IgnoreUpdateMissingRow="yes" ProductId="yes" ProductVersion="Update" ProductVersionOperator="Equal" UpgradeCode="yes" />


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