Deleting Bad Feed Items



I’m been using the

Windows RSS Platform
provided for down-level systems with Internet Explorer
7 for a while, but every so often a few blog posts from our
MSDN aggregated feed contain
markup or links that cause problems, such as absolute-positioned <DIV>s
and image sources on servers requiring authentication. I can’t just unsubscribe
to be rid of those bad feed items because this is the MSDN aggregated feed and I
like the variety of news.

Fortunately, the Windows RSS Platform exposes APIs to any COM-compatible
languages and technologies like C++, .NET, and Windows Script Host. It also provides a

of deleting a particular feed item from the feed cache.

To use the provided script, just
download it, unzip it, and type the following on the
command line.

cscript //job:DeleteFeedItem pathrss.wsf /url:permalink

This script is not supported by Microsoft, but feel free
to post comments and questions here. The download will evolve over time with more
Windows Script Host jobs I currently have in use but need to clean-up and document.

Note: This has been tested with the
recent release
of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.

Heath Stewart

Senior Software Engineer

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