Better Searching with Live Search and OpenSearch Discovery

Heath Stewart

Sometime back I updated my blog to take advantage of Internet Explorer 7 by providing an OpenSearch discovery document for my blog. Since then I’ve made some changes, such as moving the OpenSearch discovery document to be hosted on this site to accommodate for differences in downtime with its previous host, and corrected my text for the ShortName element.

Most recently I have hidden the search box exposed by Community Server to draw focus to the much more powerful Live Search Box I also added sometime back. Now you can use all the power of Live Search to search not just the blog posts, but comments and attachments as well.

I have also made everything related to search consistent with the ShortName text, since in some other scenarios the LongName gets truncated. I have employed the use of a Live Search macro across all searches to add a button to Live Search as shown in the screenshot thumbnail below.


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