And the Winner is…

Heath Stewart

Tonight was the first time I’ve played Texas Hold’em and gambling with an actual cash buy-in. The first game was cut short but I took a portion of the winnings split between two of us (the other guy had to leave). The second game was full of daring actions from all players. At one point one of the other guys and I bet everything. He already had a high pair with the possibility of a second. The 10, Jack, and King were showing and the Ace was in my hand. With a couple thousand points on the table I took a big chance…and got the Queen! Whew!

The final round game down to another pretty risky move from both my coworker and I but I ended taking the stash!

So, for a $10 buy-in – which would’ve been $20 but I won that first $10 back in the first game – I had a night full of fun. That better than $8 and another $5 or so for popcorn and soda, and a movie that only lasts a couple hours. It was a good night, but the winnings are just the icing on the cake.


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