Use the Summarize Skill to create concise and actionable chat summaries

Evan Chaki

In this post, we will show you how to use the Summarize Skill, one of the many skills available in the Semantic Kernel repo, to create concise and actionable summaries of your chat conversations. The Summarize Skill uses AI to extract the main points, topics, and action items from any text input. You can use it to quickly review what was discussed in a chat session, identify what needs to be done next, and share the summary with others. 

Chat summaries are useful for many scenarios, such as customer support, sales, project management, education, and personal communication. They can help you save time, improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and avoid misunderstandings. With the Summarize Skill, you don’t have to manually write or edit your chat summaries. You can simply feed your chat history into the skill and get a high-quality summary in seconds. 

To demonstrate how the Summarize Skill works in practice, we have created a simple chat summary sample app that you can try out yourself. The app allows you to see how different functions of the skill can be applied to a chat conversation. You can either use the default chat history provided by the app or add more messages of your own.  

Then you can see how the skill will automatically summarize the chat using three functions:  

  • Summarize (generate a short paragraph that captures the essence of the conversation) 
  • Topics (categorize the conversation by relevant keywords or phrases) 
  • Action Items (list specific tasks or requests that were made or agreed upon during the conversation) 


Check out the video for this sample:


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