Unlock AI Collaboration at Microsoft BUILD 2024 with Semantic Kernel

Evan Chaki

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is nearly here. Microsoft BUILD 2024, happening from May 21 – 23rd, is poised to be a groundbreaking event, especially for our community working at the intersection of AI and application development.

I’m thrilled to announce our Semantic Kernel session – Bridge the chasm between your ML and app devs with Semantic Kernel.

Developing cutting-edge AI solutions requires a symphony between machine learning (AI experts) and app development teams, a collaboration that’s been historically hindered by different tech stacks and conceptual frameworks. However, with the release of our v1.0 kernels, available in Python, C#, and Java, we are pioneering a universal language for AI development. This transformational approach ensures consistency, efficiency, and most importantly, bridges the gap that has long existed between these two critical areas of AI product development, and we can’t wait to share more. Our session will be recorded and available after BUILD for those who will not be able to join us live.

For those joining us in person @ BUILD, the experience gets even richer with additional sessions showing how to use Semantic Kernel:

  1. Combine Semantic Kernel with your existing apps and services – this demo will show how to use AI Agents to call existing code.
  2. Build AI Apps with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB and Semantic Kernel (Lab 1 | Lab 2 | Lab 3) – this hands-on lab (repeated on different dates) you will use Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB with Semantic Kernel to create a RAG pattern app over transactional data.
  3. Transform your RAG deployment at scale with real time results – this demo will show how WikiChat was built (RAG-based chatbot for Wikipedia) which updates in Realtime.
  4. Build apps from your data and LLMs to find answers to key questions – this demo will show how to use MongoDB developer data platform to ground the AI in actual data.
  5. Generative AI application stack and providing long term memory to LLMs – this pre-recorded session will show how to use long-term memory for LLMs and AI-agent-powered applications using a variety of tools.
  6. Build scalable chat history and conversational memory into LLM apps – this demo will show how to implement highly scalable chat history solutions using Semantic Kernel with DiskANN- based vector database in Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL.
  7. Learn how to easily integrate AI into your .NET apps – (Lab 1 | Lab 2) this hands-on lab you will learn how to use Semantic Kernel with Azure services to integrate AI into your .NET applications.  You will also learn more about .NET Aspire!
  8. Imagine Cup: UpEase, using AI to transform higher education – during this demo UpEase will showcase their Copilot for higher education using AI Studio and Semantic Kernel, incorporating user and developer-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with Microsoft 365.
  9. Infusing your .NET Apps with AI: Practical Tools and Techniques – during this breakout session you will discover how to bring AI into your .NET application! This session covers the tools, libraries, and best practices for incorporating LLMs or other AI capabilities to create an “intelligent app”.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your skills, network with experts, and understand the power of Semantic Kernel. Whether it’s through attending our session, connecting with the team in person, or engaging with our open-source community, your journey into integrated AI development begins at BUILD.


See you there!



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  • José Luis Latorre Millás 0

    Super happy to see that much Semantic Kernel content covered at Microsoft Build! Super excited on all that is coming to us… 🙂 – Great work, Team!

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