Explore .NET and AI Integration at .NET Conf 2023 with Semantic Kernel

Evan Chaki

Join us this November 14-16 for the .NET Conf 2023, an event focused on knowledge sharing and the latest in .NET development.  The conference will feature non-stop sessions over three days, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, there’s something for you to tune into. We understand the value of direct interaction and have planned for live Q&A sessions on Twitter and Twitch, catering to a global developer audience eager to discuss the latest in .NET developments.


.NET 💖 AI – Featuring John Maeda and Scott Hanselman

Join Semantic Kernel on Day 1 between 2:15 and 3:00 pm PST. Since AI has become more prevalent in software development, Semantic Kernel stands as an open-source project that simplifies the addition of large language model AI into your .NET apps. John Maeda and Scott Hanselman will walk through the project’s latest features, particularly highlighting how to build AI Plugins and Planners.


Getting Started with AI and Semantic Kernel

The knowledge-sharing continues with a session by John Maeda and Evan Chaki, who will guide you through the basics of AI and the capabilities of Semantic Kernel. This is especially targeted at developers looking to integrate AI effectively and understand the concepts behind AI agents.


A Developer-Centric Approach

The goal of these sessions is to inform and educate, providing developers with tangible insights they can use to enhance their applications and embrace the possibilities that AI brings to the .NET ecosystem.



Set a reminder for what promises to be a valuable addition to your development journey. We’re excited to explore the future of .NET and AI with you at .NET Conf 2023.  See you there!


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