Alessandro Federici

Architect & CEO, Free Mind Labs

I am an experienced software developer with a lifelong passion for coding. My journey began with Borland Assembler and Turbo Pascal 3.3, leading to a diverse career in software development across industries like treasury management, warehousing, PCB manufacturing, and law enforcement. I co-founded RemObjects Software, where we developed advanced multitier frameworks for Delphi and created Chrome, the groundbreaking Object Pascal compiler for .NET, later known as Oxygene. Our innovations caught the attention of CODY Systems, who recognized their potential and invested in our work. Subsequently, I was brought on board to help lead the development of the next-generation software for CODY. I spent 17 years there, with the last 6 as a System Architect, shaping the technological direction of products and contributing significantly to the success of CODY COBRA, a real-time data replication system used by numerous US states and the law enforcement agencies within them. After my tenure at CODY, I embarked on a new chapter, working independently and co-founding Free Mind Labs ( At Free Mind Labs, we're dedicated to advancing AI-driven personal data analysis. Our Elasticsearch Kernel Memory connector (see our github page) and the upcoming Videomatic project unveil the hidden depths of your video and text streams, redefining knowledge discovery. Beyond my professional work, I'm passionate about philosophy and enjoy traveling the country in my self-built van, as well as participating and volunteering at art festivals.

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GUEST POST: How to build a Kernel Memory connector and use Elasticsearch as vector database

This article will help readers to create their own connectors for Kernel Memory. It will introduce fundamental concepts of Kernel Memory and Elasticsearch and will show some practical use cases of how to use the interface IMemoryDb. The complete source code for the connector is located in the GitHub repository FreeMindLabs.KernelMemory....