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Semantic Kernel Chat Copilot


We’re excited to introduce Semantic Kernel’s Chat Copilot sample app! With this app, developers can easily build their own chatbot using advanced features such as natural language processing, speech recognition, and file uploading. By leveraging LLM-based AI, you can make the chat smarter with your own up-to-date information through the Semantic Kernel. Chat Copilot also offers scalability, increased efficiency, and personalized recommendations, making it the perfect addition to any enterprise. Best of all, it’s an open-source sample app, meaning you can start developing your custom chatbot today!


Why use Chat Copilot in your application?

Chat Copilot is built on Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel and allows developers to easily integrate the power of Large Language Models (LLM) into their own applications. With our complete sample, you can take advantage of advanced features such as multiple conversation topics, speech recognition, file uploading to make the chat smarter with your own up-to-date information, persistent memory store that allows the bot to get smarter and smarter with every use, and even downloadable bots to share with others, joining them in the conversation.

Whether you’re building a customer service tool, a personalized recommendation system, an HR assistant, an educational tool, or an e-commerce assistant, our Copilot Chat can help. We think you’ll find quite a few benefits from downloading and building from the sample app.

Improved User Experience: By providing personalized assistance and natural language processing, your own chatbot can improve the user experience for customers, students, and employees alike. Users can get the information they need quickly and easily, without having to navigate complex websites or wait for assistance from a customer service representative.

Increased Efficiency: With a chatbot handling customer service or HR tasks, you can free up employees to focus on more complex tasks that require human intervention. This can increase efficiency and reduce costs for your organization.

Personalized Recommendations: With natural language processing and a persistent memory store, your chatbot can make personalized recommendations for products, services, or educational resources. This can increase customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Improved Accessibility: With speech recognition and file uploading, your chatbot can provide more accurate and personalized assistance to users. For example, patients who have difficulty navigating a website can use the chat more easily and receive the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Scalability: With a chatbot handling customer service or educational tasks, you can easily scale up to meet increasing demand without having to hire more staff. This can reduce costs and increase revenue.

Best of all, Chat Copilot is open source, meaning you can download it from our GitHub and start developing your own custom chatbot today. And if you’re interested in contributing to the project, we’re always adding new features and capabilities to the semantic kernel, which is the core of our project.

How do I get started with Chat Copilot?

Update to the latest copy of the Semantic Kernel Github Repo, to make sure you’ve got the most up to date version of the sample apps.   Then, navigate to ..\samples\apps\copilot-chat-app\ and locate the Readme.MD.  It’ll have all the instructions, including the optional extras to enable Azure Speech Recognition, and Persistent Memory Store.

When you’re ready to install, this video from the development team will walk you through all of the steps.


Next Steps:

Don’t wait any longer to revolutionize your application with the power of AI. Visit our GitHub today to download our chat application and start building your own custom chatbot. With our easy-to-follow guide and customizable features, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Join the community and let’s build the future together!


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