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Senior Product Manager

Sr Product Manager working on React Native for Desktop. Ask me about building x-platform apps using JS/TS, and how you can supercharge your app for Windows using the Windows App SDK!

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React Native for Windows is helping Settings improve more quickly

React Native isnโ€™t just for mobile! Check out how the Windows 11 Settings app is leveraging React Native for Windows to deliver new features and capabilities to users faster and with the same great visual fidelity as Windows 11.

Gallery App, TurboModules, and more community modules

React Native 0.64 is out! Which means it's time to showcase all the work we've put in around supporting more community modules, TurboModules, APIs improvements, and even some tools, all in the effort to improve the developer experience.
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Windows & macOS version 0.63 updates, Hermes, and more

React Native for Windows is now on a 0.63 stable release with React Native core, lighting up some fun new APIs

Fast refresh and more on Windows with 0.62 release

React Native for Windows released latest stable 0.62.2 with Fast Refresh, RTL support, RedBox and thread safe property storage APIs

Build 2020 Recap

React Native for Desktop was a major topic at this year's Microsoft Build 2020 conference. Learn more about the sessions, takeaways, and key partnerships.

Announcing React Native for macOS and more

We're excited to announce our first preview release aligning with React Native 0.62! As a preview release, we will try our best not to make breaking changes, but still have a few bumps to sort out before we're ready for release. You can now start trying out the 0.62-preview of React Native for Windows! A similar upgrade for React Native for ...

Keeping Up with React Native Core

Announcing React Native for Windows v0.61, now on the high performance common core across iOS and Android

Upgrading with Hermes Support and Automated Tests

New features and other updates upon Milestone 3 completion

Roadmap for vnext

A prospective roadmap for React Native for Windows vnext project (2019 through early 2020)

July 2019 Updates

New features and other updates upon Milestone 2 completion

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