Announcing the React Native Developer Tools

Adam Foxman

Hi! 👋

Today, we are launching a new React Native Developer Tools community project! 🚀

These are modern, scalable tools focused on providing an exceptional developer experience.

Our hope is that this project helps you build React Native apps, and that you’ll spread the word and share it with people you know! Use the hashtag #rnxkit when you do your posts about it.

(And May the 4th be With You!)

Made by Developers, for Developers

This project is purpose-built for React Native engineers. It is focused on developer experience, and designed to fit into projects of all shapes and sizes.

We know that great tools make all the difference.

Community First

We created this as a GitHub-first repository for the React Native community. The tools in this project integrate with tools you already use: Metro, TypeScript, Jest, and more.

Your contributions are always welcome! The more this project grows, the more it will help the React Native community.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Tested at Scale, Supported by Microsoft

From unit tests to deployments in large monorepos, each tool is thoroughly validated. Microsoft has engineers dedicated to this project, using it to ship React Native apps to millions of customers.

The tools here are used in Office, Xbox, Teams, and other product groups.

Ready to Go?

Jump in with the Getting Started guide, or take it a bit slower and read the Introduction first.

Remember that you can also follow us on Twitter @ReactNativeMSFT to keep up to date on news, feature roadmaps, and more.


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