Python extension for Visual Studio Code version 0.9.0 now available

Dan Taylor

We’re excited to announce our first update to the Microsoft Python extension for Visual Studio Code. In this release, we’ve added additional support for conda environments and fixed numerous bugs in the editor and debugger.

Support for Conda Environments

Conda environments are now automatically detected from the Anaconda root location. You also have the option of using conda to install Pylint:

You can install packages using conda or pip

The extension now has schema support for various YAML files that conda uses: meta.yml, .condarc, and environment.yml. This means that if you use the YAML extension you will now get auto-complete in these files. Similarly, if you use the YAML Support by Red Hat extension you now get auto-complete and type checking.

Editor and Debugger Improvements

A total of 84 issues have been closed since our first release, most of these are bugs fixed in the debugger and editor that were filed by you on GitHub. A couple of notable ones are:

  • Ctrl+F5 was sometimes not working (#25)
  • IntelliSense interrupting typing in inside of strings and comments (#110, #34)

We’ve also removed the python.formatting.formatOnSave and python.linting.lintOnTextChange configuration options  in favor of the equivalent general VS Code settings. If you’re using this feature be sure to change to using the editor.formatOnSave option.

For more information, you can look at the full list of changes in the 0.9.0 release. Be sure to update to the latest VS Code extensions, and let us know if you find any problems by creating issues on our vscode-python GitHub page.


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