The Python Pulse: A Monthly Microsoft Stream

Dawn Wages

We’re excited to announce a new monthly livestream! Each stream we start with a run down of the latest news in Microsoft Cloud, VS Code and Python tech ecosystem; then we deep dive into special segments with an esteemed guest.

A Microsoft livestream on the second Friday each month

In the first episode on 13th January 2023, brought to you by the Microsoft Developer Community team, your host Dawn Wages will chat with Pamela Fox Microsoft Cloud Advocate about Dev Containers, Codespaces and VS Code extensions available to make action and query your databases.

Each episode will consist of two parts: opening up the stream with the latest and greatest in Python at Microsoft news, then Dawn will introduce guests from across the tech ecosystem to chat cloud and Python news, share demos, answer questions and share insights.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the exciting topics we plan to cover this quarter:

  • Advanced features in GitHub Codespaces and Dev Containers
  • Azure Developer CLI, from GitHub to Cloud with Python
  • The VS Code Python Extension Team’s Python Tools Template
  • Python and the Humanities
  • Python Cloud Developer Advocates
  • Testing with Playwright and Python: A conversation with Python Consultants and Advocates

… and much more!

The Python Pulse mission

Microsoft aims to build fast, feature-rich language support for Python projects in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our teams across Microsoft are committed to helping every technologist succeed — students, enterprise and startups alike. The Python Pulse will be a way for developers to interact witht he teams beyhind the products. We value the work our Microsoft MVPs and community partners bring. The Python Pulse will showcase the great work that sets our teams apart and how we provide an unmatched developer experience.

We do this because we love the Python programming language and its impact on the world. In 2023, we have a new way to share our passion with you.

Streaming every second Friday on Visual Studio Twitch Channel and VS Code YouTube Streams.

Another way to get to hear from you

We are looking forward to hearing from you, our Python and polyglot friends. Gaining a better understanding of how you program — meeting you where you are — allows us to more proactively address your developer needs. We’re looking forward to engaging with the livestream chat and connecting between streams on the Microsoft Python Discord.


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