What are Microservices and Why Should You Care?

Pam Lahoud

Thanks to Premier Developer Consultant Najib Zarrari for sharing this excellent article on Microservices and the changing nature of software architecture in the industry today.


Nowadays, trends show that market conditions are changing constantly and at a pace we have never seen before.   New companies come into mature industries and completely disrupt them while existing companies that have been around for a long time are struggling to survive and to hold on to their market share.

Also, building highly available and resilient software has become an essential competency no matter what business you are in.  Nowadays, all companies are becoming software companies.  Let’s take for example companies in the retail industry. Before, most companies in this industry competed on who can make products available on the shelves with the lowest possible price.  Now companies pursue more advanced and sophisticated techniques to lure customers.  Nowadays, it’s all about predicting customers’ behaviors by deeply understanding customers’ sentiments, brand engagements and history of their searches and purchases.  There is no doubt that companies who are harnessing these capabilities are more successful and profitable than those that do not.

To win in such market conditions, not only do companies have to have the capabilities to build these kind of solutions, but also they have to build them faster than their competitors.  This is why many organizations are rethinking how they are architecting and building solutions so that they can better embrace changes in customers’ and market’s demands.  Also, the rise of cloud computing has made organizations embrace design approaches that allow pieces of solutions to be scaled independently to optimize infrastructure resources consumption.


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