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This post is provided by Marty Donovan, Senior Program Manager for Industry Experiences.

The Industry Experiences team (as part of Scott Guthrie’s organization) delivers industry technical documentation and experiences to customers including use cases, solutions guides and hands-on architectural design reviews.   Our goal is to help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud with clear and actionable guidance.  Today we have seasoned experts and architects across retail, banking, insurance, health, and manufacturing and we expect to grow with further industries in the coming year. Read the following articles my team recently released to learn how to build solutions for common industry use cases using Azure.

Azure For Industry Learn how to use Azure to build solutions for common industry use cases. Use case overviews, solution guides, tutorials and other resources provide the materials needed to start building solutions for common scenarios today.

Risk Grid Computing in Banking Overview This article examines leveraging Microsoft Azure to augment current risk grid compute resources and optimize the cost and speed of risk grid computing workloads. Topics covered include secure and reliable connectivity, batch processing, and augmenting compute resources based on demand when on-premises servers are at capacity.

Risk Grid Computing in Banking Solution Guide This article provides a technical overview of using Microsoft Azure to support and enhance risk grid computing in banking, including recommended systems and high-level architectures.

Data Management in Banking Overview This article provides recommended techniques to ensure efficient data ingress to Azure and fundamental data management techniques to use once it is in the cloud.

Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Overview After introducing some background in this article, we discuss how to implement the various pieces of a PdM solution using a combination of on-premises data, Azure machine learning, and usage of the machine learning models.

Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Solution Guide This article presents options for building a predictive maintenance solution. It presents different perspectives and reference existing materials to get you started.

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