Publishing and Managing your NPM Packages with VSTS

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This post is provided by App Dev Manager, Andrew Kanieski who walks us though publishing and managing NPM packages with VSTS.

Writing packages in the javascript world historically has been troublesome. The javascript community has been challenged with shifting and numerous standards for package development. In recent years the introduction of NodeJS has breathed life into the javascript community and provided the community with the Node Package Manager, NPM.


Anyone who has been doing any work with front end development (or Node for that matter) knows full well the benefits of having a repository of packages that a development team can draw on. Some companies publish their common packages openly on NPM to be shared with the community. Many companies are required by their security needs to keep their packages from being published on the public NPM registry.

With VSTS, publishing NPM packages has never been easier! As a case study let’s take for example an open source package developed by myself, CaravanDb, a concise tool to allow you to easily create database migration scripts and apply them to a given environment.

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