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App Dev Manager Edward Fry spotlights Kanban Tools VSTS Extension which makes it easily to copy VSTS Kanban boards between teams.

KBT1The Kanban Tools extension for VSTS is now available on the marketplace.  This is our first public release of the extension and includes the ability to copy to and from a team’s Kanban board.

Here is one scenario where you may find this extension to be useful.  One team at an organization has spent a lot of time and trial-and-error to get their Kanban board just so.  Maybe that team is part of a pilot project, or maybe they are a center of excellence for the organization, or maybe they are just a very passionate team amongst many.  Regardless, the board configuration is of value.  Perhaps it provides greater productivity or suits the culture particularly well.  Perhaps it meets certain company or regulatory requirements.  Or, maybe, it just looks like it might be beneficial and worth taking for a spin.

Regardless of the reasons, other teams at that organization want to use the board configuration themselves.  Or, perhaps, the organization prefers that a team’s board be adopted as a standard across the enterprise.  Either way, the Kanban Board Tools extension will let one team easily copy one board configuration to other teams.  It can be applied in two directions, too, meaning that one team can apply their board to another team, or another team may copy the board to their own board.

Let’s get the extension installed so that you can try it out!  Check out Edward’s post here.


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