Identity crisis

Andrew Arnott

I now have three blogs that I post to: this one, JMPInline, and NetCFTeam.  Which posts will I put where?  I think I’ll post everything software-related to both JMPInline and this one, then for those that specifically relate to NetCF I will post a link to the NetCFTeam blog as a small post. 

Rather than copying posts I’ve already written to the NetCFTeam blog over here, I’ll just list and link to each of them:

As a little more background, and as far as what you can expect in future posts, I work in these areas (either professionally or as a hobby):

  • OpenID.  I hope to write some ASP.NET controls that make hosting OpenID providers that authenticate using Windows Cardspace credentials very easy.
  • WPF.  This is an upcoming dream, but right now I haven’t got much experience in this.
  • WCF.  This is one of my chief feature areas of responsibility within the NetCF team.
  • XmlSerializer.  Another one of my feature areas in NetCF.
  • Boo. An interesting .NET language created by the open source community.  Still fairly immature, in my opinion, but I follow it somewhat.
  • Ruby.  Especially IronRuby as it matures.  I dislike dynamic languages for most purposes, but among them, I think Ruby is the finest and am totally pumped that Microsoft is bringing it into the CLR.
  • ASP.NET.  My previous jobs of several years were heavily into ASP.NET, and although I don’t work with it as much any more, it’s still an interesting topic that I’ll blog about on occasion.


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