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In this post, Application Development Manager Wesam Darwish highlights some important information to help customers learn and adopt DevOps.

DevOps: a buzz word, or an exciting transformation journey? As organizations strive to deliver value to their end users faster, improve quality and availability, optimize costs, and deliver innovation with digital-era velocity; they face numerous challenges. These challenges prevent flexible and agile creation of business value.

With multiple industry definitions of DevOps, the definition we adopt at Microsoft is the following: DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. DevOps emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between various roles within the organization, including software developers, IT professionals, quality assurance specialists, security teams, as well as the business stakeholders.

At Microsoft, our Premier Support for Developer organization is skilled at supporting teams through successful DevOps adoption. Recently, we delivered a few exciting day-long DevOps sessions across Canada as part of Microsoft’s Modern IT Roadshow to give our Premier Support customers a flavor of what continuous delivery of value looks like, help their teams learn about the various pillars and principles of DevOps, and show how high-performing IT organizations focus on people, processes and tools to enable a successful DevOps journey.

There is no shortage of resources on DevOps, but we share with our customers key resources to help them get started.

Our DevOps Journey

Take a look behind the scenes of the teams in the Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise engineering division discuss how and why they implemented DevOps practices & methodologies to ship more quickly and deliver more reliable services that customers enjoy.


What is DevOps?

A great description of the key DevOps concepts, from the basics to monitoring in production.


DevOps and Microsoft

Access various information on the DevOps tools you get with Azure. Use our built-in tools and bring your favorites. Access QuickStart tutorials to start your DevOps project in a few clicks.


DevOps at Microsoft on YouTube

DevOps at Microsoft: the Microsoft YouTube channel for videos related to the various DevOps products including those such as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), App Center, Application Insights and others.


DevOps Self-Assessment

Take a self-assessment questionnaire to gain more insights into your organization’s current DevOps maturity.


Microsoft Visual Studio DevOps Hands-On-Labs

A set of self-paced labs based on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services. These labs help you evaluate your next DevOps toolchain, and help you learn how to implement modern DevOps practices with Visual Studio, Team Services and Azure.


Visual Studio Team Services Demo Generator

Helps you create projects on your Visual Studio Team Services account with preset sample content which includes source code, work items, iterations, service endpoints, build and release definitions based on a template you choose. Use it with the Microsoft Visual Studio DevOps Hands-On-Labs!


Premier Support for Developers provides strategic technology guidance, critical support coverage, and a range of essential services to help teams optimize development lifecycles and improve software quality.  Contact your Application Development Manager (ADM) or email us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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