Easily deploy SonarQube Server in Azure

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AzureGallery (002)The Visual Studio ALM Rangers are a great asset to the VS ALM community, providing important guidance and sharing knowledge from real world experience.  Premier Developer’s own Kevin Mack and Steve St. Jean team up with the Rangers to spotlight SonarQube integration and deployment with Azure.

Technical Debt is a growing problem for many development teams, and as these teams embrace DevOps, the problem is becoming more pronounced.  While SonarQube is a great tool for resolving this problem, it does pose its own issues with deployment.  The biggest roadblock to adoption for many organizations is the configuration and steps required to deploy a SonarQube instance and, in the case of the cloud, securing it. For many, deploying SonarQube, in an on-premise world is easier to secure behind a firewall but when deploying to a cloud environment with public endpoints, securing it can be a major hurdle.  Check out the full solution here.

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