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Sergey Tepliakov

Hi everyone. My name is Sergey Tepliakov; I’m Senior Software Engineer at TSE(*) team at Microsoft. At my day-to-day job I’m working on a next-gen build engine with tons of very useful capabilities. But don’t worry, I’m not going to dig into this topic. At least for now:)

Before joining Microsoft 2 years ago, I’ve been a Microsoft C# MVP. And here I’m going to focus on various topics that I’m very interested in: software design, C# language, unit testing and some other stuff. I’ve been blogging for 8 years in Russian with my ‘Programming Stuff’ blog and today I want to share my insights with a broader audience!

Last summer I’ve joint Code Contracts projects to help with C# 6.0 support. I’m still working on that project in my spare time from time to time, but I’m spending way less time that this extremely complicated project deserves.

Next time we’re going to start our adventure and will try to dissect some interesting pieces from TPL Dataflow library!


(*) Everyone who spent at least a couple of hours within a Big Company like Microsoft will understand that acronyms are a crucial part of corporate life. Literally, you can pick 3 random letters from the English alphabet and you’ll get some “meaningful” word that means something to everyone except you. And this is not only TDD, DDD, BDD and other xDD that we all know, this could be a well-known acronym with absolutely different meaning. So, TSE – is a shorthand for Tools for Software Engineers. This is an amazing group of people that is responsible for productivity tools for software engineers.


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