Client-Side Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Developers Support Options

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Support Escalation Engineer Dan Bagley and App Dev Manager David Huang break down the support options for client-side Exchange ActiveSync development.

Partners who develop Exchange ActiveSync applications (EAS) on client devices (on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operation systems) should first purchase an EAS license with Microsoft, followed by a Premier Support for Partners (PSfP) Agreement to properly engage support.  Unlicensed customers or partners may still find assistance via Microsoft online forums, however, a Premier Support contract is required to open a formal support case.  The following two links are online forum for questions regarding open specifications and Exchange protocols respectively:

Since providing support (either reactive problems or advisory issues) to an unlicensed EAS client-side developer may put MS patents at risk, EAS-related support cases are required to have a valid contract and proper licensing associated in place. For this reason, partners will need a license and to be a Premier customer to engage support.

All EAS Developer Support cases go to a specific team in Microsoft Customer Support and Services (CSS).  When the team receives a case for an unlicensed customer, it will refer that customer to start the licensing process.  If the team runs into customers who have commercialized an application without a license, Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) is engaged to help.  With unlicensed support cases, Microsoft CSS team will do their best to explain support boundaries and point the customers and partners down a licensing path.  Microsoft support engineers may still provide Exchange EAS product support to an end-customer who has an issue involving third-party software, however, exclusion of the third-party software in reproducing the problem is always required.  Any unlicensed EAS vendors are excluded from all ensuing communications in these scenarios.

Below re a few good place to start with licensing information:

There is also licensing for server-side EAS development, however, no developer support is available through Premier support; assistance can be found through Microsoft Protocols forums.

With a Premier support contract, the licensee is associated with an experienced Application Development Manager (ADM) from Microsoft.  The assigned ADM monitors all ongoing reactive cases, and also conducts regular status meetings to discuss issues reported by Microsoft and partner from the field.  The ADM typically manages a working list of prioritized issues to focus support activity.  This Premier Support relationship is therefore instrumental in keeping the licensee informed on the latest product developments, driving feedback, and providing critical support for your business. If you believe your business could be enhanced by access to such patents and support, please contact your ADM or reach out to learn more about Premier Support.


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