VMware PowerShell-Based Toolkit now in Beta

PowerShell Team

Wow – it’s great to see VMware going to town with PowerShell.  They have now released a beta of their VMware Infrastrucure (VI) toolkit which contains 102 PowerShell Cmdlets.  They have also set up a community Website.  

In searching for some details I discovered that they have set up a distinct blog for PowerShell at their website HERE.  It has some good examples of the sort of things you’ll be able to do with the cmdlets. I knew that they were "doing something" with PowerShell but I didn’t realize how open and active they had been.  They have some good stuff there.  In particular, Antonio Dias wrote a very nice script OUT-FORM which is similar to OUT-GRIDVIEW except that it can add ACTIONS which show up as buttons (and it’s available today [Out-Gridview is only available in our CTP]). 


Very nice stuff Antonio! 

Do yourself a favor and go grab that script and checkout their website for other good stuff even if you aren’t a VMWare guy.

You can participate in their community and/or download their toolkit HERE.

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