Seeking Input on PowerShell Summit Sessions

PowerShell Team

One of the best things about PowerShell is its strong community.  Events like the annual PowerShell Summit are a great way to get involved and learn more about PowerShell.

As in the past, the PowerShell team will present several sessions at the PowerShell Summit.  This year, we want to get your input on the sessions that we will present.

Here is a list of sessions under consideration so far:

  1. CIM-based Modules
  2. Using Abstract Syntax Trees
  3. Windows PowerShell as a Platform (API)
  4. Performing Join Operations in PowerShell
  5. PSReadLine Deep Dive
  6. Using PowerShell to Configure Secure Environments (DSC and Delegated Admin)
  7. PowerShell for Security Incident Response
  8. Writing Help For PowerShell Modules
  9. Threading in PowerShell

Which ones catch your interest?  Are there any that we’re missing?  Let us know in the comments.

For more information about the Summit:

Thank you,

John Slack
Program Manager – PowerShell Team


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