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The PowerShell ecosystem is once again proving itself to be super smart and agile.

Superstar’s Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks are once again demonstrating why they are MVPs for PowerShell. On Nov 12th, they (and Sapien Press) will release an electronic version of Windows PowerShell TFM, the 3rd edition that covers our CTP functions! That’s right – one week after we released our CTP, Don has a book available. Now just to clear, MVPs have privileges, we gave Don, Jeffery and the other MVPs an early drop of the CTP so we could set their expectations and they could sanity check us. (We made a number of changes based upon their feedback). Still, that was just a week or so before the CTP. This is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Sapien is being really smart and agile about this. They are essentially selling you a subscription to the book and you’ll get free updates to the ebook up until the time we ship V2 and they complete the book. I just love this agility stuff – it is so smart smart smart!

This 3rd edition is specific to PowerShell 2.0 so they are contining to sell their Windows PowerShell TFM, 2nd Edition which is the “production-approved” version of the book. The 2nd edition is available in print and electronic editions, as well as in a print/ebook bundle. Visit www.sapienpress.com/powershell3.asp for more information.

When I first met Don Jones, I remember him saying, “I can write very very fast”. I guess I now understand what that means.

I can’t wait to get my copy and see how it looks.


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