PowerShell Tests released on GitHub

PowerShell Team

The PowerShell team is excited to make its first release of our test code on GitHub. This project represents a selection of tests that the PowerShell team uses when testing PowerShell. In the more than 12 years of active development on PowerShell, we have created (and continue to use) many different script based test frameworks. As part of an effort to simplify our test infrastructure, early in 2015 we started the migration process of our internal script based framework tests to the Pester (https://github.com/pester/Pester) framework; the release of this project represents the early fruits of that labor. Our plan is to continue to migrate our current tests and release them in this project, with the aim of having all of our tests available in the OSS community using OSS test frameworks.

We believe that by releasing these tests, our community can better understand how we test, use these as models to better understand PowerShell, and participate with us as we release future versions. In a future blog, I’ll describe how you can use Pester to help with bug reporting.


You can get access to the project here: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell-Tests


James Truher Senior Software Engineer PowerShell


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