LiveFyre commenting will no longer be available on the PowerShell Gallery

Sydney Smith

Commenting on the PowerShell Gallery is provided by LiveFyre–a third-party comment system. LiveFyre is no longer supported by Adobe and therefore we are unable to service issues as they arise. We have gotten reports of authentication failing for Twitter and Microsoft AAD and unfortunately we are unable to bring back those services. As we cannot predict when more issues will occur, and we cannot fix issues as they arise we must depreciate use of LiveFyre on the PowerShell Gallery. As of May 1st 2019 LiveFyre commenting will no longer be available on the PowerShell Gallery. Unfortunately we are unable to migrate comments off of LiveFyre so comment history will be lost.

How will package consumers be able to get support?

The other existing channels for getting support and contacting package owners will still be available on the Gallery. The left pane of the package page is the best place to get support. If you are looking to contact the package owner, select “Contact Owners” on the package page. If you are looking to contact Gallery support use the “Report” button. If the package owner has provided a link to their project site in their module manifest a link to their site is also available in the left pane and can be a good avenue for support. For more information on getting package support please see our documentation.


We appreciate your understanding as we undergo this transition.Please direct any questions to