IIS7 PowerShell Provider Tech Preview 2

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IIS team is happy to announce release of


IIS7 PowerShell Provider Tech Preview 2


Here is a quick overview:

What’s new with TP2?

·         IIS7 Powershell provider now supports SSL (installing and acquiring a certificate, creating an ssl site binding)

·         Tech Preview 2 ships with 40 new cmdlets. All of these cmdlets are for day-to-day IIS tasks like creating web-sites, web-applications, enabled request tracing, adding a handler or a module. The complete list is at http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/492/using-the-task-based-cmdlets

·         We fixed number of bugs and significantly improved performance of internal query engine.

The IIS7 PowerShell Provider offers

  • Create Web-Sites, Web Applications, Virtual Directories and Application Pools
  • Change Simple Configuration Properties on Web-Sites, Application Pools, Web Applications and Virtual Directories
  • Add and Change Complex Configuration Settings
  • Query Run-time Data (Web-Site State, Application Pool State, Currently Executing Requests)
  • Execute Advanced Configuration Tasks, Scripting, Integration with other PowerShell Snap-Ins and features
  • Search and Discover Configuration Settings

Tech Preview 1 of the IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider can be found here:

Go to our PowerShell forum if you need support or if you are looking for ‘Tips and Tricks’

The walkthroughs are here: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/447/managing-iis-with-the-iis-70-powershell-provider/


We are looking forward to hear your feedback about this product, please help us to make it one of the most useful tool in the arsenal of server administrator.




Sergei Antonov

Senior SDE IIS Team


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