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Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here. This week, the week of Oct. 19, I begin a special series of Hey Scripting Guy blog posts where we will be talking about why upgrade to Windows PowerShell 4.0. This series will be way cool, and I have enlisted the help from various MVP’s, as well as from the PowerShell team. So, what is in store for you? Here is the lineup:

On Sunday I talk about the parade of features we have added to PowerShell over the various versions. The point of the article is to try and get ahead of the learning curve.

On Monday PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway talks about some of the considerations involved in an upgrade.

On Tuesday PowerShell MVP Teresa Wilson, aka Scripting Wife, talks about how PowerShell 4.0 makes her life easier in day to day usage.

On Wednesday PowerShell MVP Jeff Wouters provides a history lesson with Windows PowerShell and concludes that PowerShell 4.0 Rocks.

On Thursday IIS MVP Terri Donahue talks about some of the changes brought about by PowerShell 4.0 that compelled her to upgrade.

On Friday PowerShell MVP Dave Wyatt says the big reason for upgrading is DSC, DSC and DSC.

On Saturday Windows PowerShell Team Member John Slack rounds out the week by providing his unique insiders perspective.


In all it is a powerful week of articles that you will not want to miss. Hope to see you over there.

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