Heading to Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) Where We'll Show PowerShell CTP2

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A number of us are headed to Vegas this weekend to prep for MMS were we will be showing the latest and greatest PowerShell V2 features.  It pays to attend these conferences as you get the first look at our new stuff.  If you recall, CPT1 was released at IT Forum in Barcelona last year.   We are really excited to show off what we have been working on.  CTP2 is the largest/most expansive set of changes we’ve ever made to PowerShell.  I think it is going to take everyone a long time to comprehend the true magnitude and ramifications of what we are delivering in CTP2 – it is truly game changing. 

Those of you that are going to MMS are probably big WMI users.  If you are, then you DEFINATELY want to come to my What’s New In PowerShell V2 talk on Wed and be sure to bring your drool buckets.  We’ve been listening to you.  We’ve also been drilling into the sort of scripts that you write and we think they stink.  I’m actually completely serious.  I’m not throwing a rock at YOU, I’m throwing it at US.  We’ve given you crummy tools and abstractions so the level of crap you have to deal with just to get your job done is completely insane.  I talked to one team whose WMI scripts took so long to run, that they started the second pass of the script before the first pass was done!   UNACCEPTABLE.   ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.  We can and we will do better.  Come see what I mean on Wed. 

Dan Harmon and Bruce Payette are doing an Introduction to PowerShell talk.  This is truly an introduction talk so it is perfect if you are just starting with PowerShell but if you if you are hard-core PowerHead, you might get frustrated with this talk.  Our PowerShell Scripting for Wizards talk on Friday is the talk for you PowerHeads.  This is a V1 talk but it assumes that you are an experienced PowerShell user on your way to becoming a Wizard.  Bruce and I are giving this and if we don’t make your head spin at least once – we’ll have failed.  This is going to be unabashed hard-core Geek Porn.  :-)   You must be over 18 and be an experienced PowerShell user to attend.  Maybe we’ll require people to write a REGEX or a WHERE clause to get in  :-)!!!

Just to be clear – that is going to be an EXTREMELY unstructured talk.  Well that’s not quite it, we are going to have a structure but it is not going to be a traditional talk.  We have 1 slide (after the title Slide) and then it will be demo demo demo.  Bottom line – this talk is not for everyone but for the people it IS for, it should be fun.  Bruce and I are certainly looking forward to it.

As always, we’ll post our slides and our demo scripts on the team blog so you can see what we did and feel free to use this content any way you like.  I know that a number of you grab our slides & demos and use them in part, in whole, or as a start kit for your own presentations.  That is TOTALLY FINE.  I encourage it. 

Last but not least, if you are going to be at MMS and we have not met yet, please find me and introduce yourself.  I’d really like to meet you and find out how you are using PowerShell.  Be forewarned – I’m going to ask you how we can make it better so think about an answer. 

BTW – I don’t want to steal anyone else’s thunder but I know what some of our sister teams are announcing and all I can say is, stay tuned – the world is changing next week.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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