Doug Finke's Amazing 7 Minute C# => PowerShell Demo

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Doug Finke has just posted a blog entry HERE with an awesome 7 minute video demo HERE.  I HIGHLY recommend this as a great use of 7 minutes of your life (or as Doug points out, you can type Ctrl-Shift-G to speed it up and it will be a great use of 4-5 minutes of your life 🙂 )

In the demo, he starts out writing and running some C# code. He then takes advantage of the new PowerShell V2 feature Add-Type to run this code from a PowerShell script.  Then, step by step, he transform the original C# code into PowerShell and ends up with a single line of PowerShell.  Each step produces a running PowerShell script and it nicely illustrates what I love about PowerShell – how the language carves away all the syntatics crap and allows you to focus your thoughts and energies on WHAT you want to do.

 Very nicely done Doug.  What a great way to start the day.

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