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We have a new team of content developers focusing on documenting Desired State Configuration (DSC). Led by our manager Steve Kaczmarek, the team comprises Jaime Ondrusek, Corey Plett, and Eric Slesar. A little background:  

Steve – I joined Microsoft in 2003 and manage the Management and Automation content development team. In addition to DSC we support management technologies like Group Policy, WSUS and WMI, as well as Core Windows PowerShell, Automation and Orchestration, and the Windows Azure Pack. 

Jaime – I’m 14-year veteran of Microsoft. At one time I was a tester in Exchange, but finally discovered my true passion as a content developer. I have documented Hyper-V Replica and also currently write about Volume Activation, Server Core mode, and release-related documentation such as release notes, system requirements, deprecated features, etc.  

Corey – I started at Microsoft in 1999 writing Services for Macintosh documentation, and have been in the Windows Server division since then.  Most of that time I worked on networking technologies including DHCP, DNS, RRASS, and IPv6. A little over a year ago, I moved over to Steve’s team to work on management technologies. 

Eric – I have been at Microsoft writing developer content since 2000. I started on the first release of the .NET Framework, documenting the System.Drawing namespaces. Before coming to the wonderful world of PowerShell a few years back, I wrote about authentication and authorization technologies.

We’ve already been at work bringing the DSC content in the Windows Technical Library up to date (the topics for all of the built-in resources have been brought current, for example). Plus, we’ve been transferring all or parts of most of the posts concerning DSC in this blog into the library. Soon we’ll post here a table that relates the blog posts we’ve processed so far to the corresponding topics in the Technical Library. 

Also, our DSC content developers are now available to you directly by e-mail. Anytime you find something wrong in the Library topics for DSC—or discover a gap that you think we should cover—please contact us directly at and we will investigate immediately.



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