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Kjartan posted the comment: 

I really like reading your blog and have done so for a long time now, but since I mostly read blogs with the RSS-reader in IE7 the styling of the code samples makes the posts harder to read, for some reason IE7 (at least the version I’m using Vista RC1) dispays the styling as a big chunk of text and the post starts right after that without an extra linebrake to seperate the content from the styling.

KJARTAN  – THANKS FOR SPEAKING UP!  I didn’t realize that this was a problem.  I’ll look into what I can do to fix this or switch formating.  I moved to this style because of a change to blogging software that we use (did I mention my opinions about that software?  grrrrrrr.)  In the old software, I could post my script and then change the font to be some fixed width font for readability.  The new software has hidden this so I figured, in for a penny – in for a pound – and switched to using styles so that it would look like what you see on your screen (assuming you keep our defaults). 

 I’ll try to carve out some time to figure this out (but might take a bit so bear with me). 

Every time you folks let us know when we aren’t doing the best we can – it gives us an opportunity to make the product/service better.  Thanks again for speaking up. 


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