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Note: This blog post is intended to people who participate in the development of DSC Resources on GitHub.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve made developments builds available for all DSC Resource modules on GitHub. From now on, every time Pull Request gets merged, we produce a package with latest changes and upload it on a module-specific NuGet feed. The process is fully automated which means that early adopters/contributors can install and try newest versions of modules right after they are updated!

It’s worth pointing out that PowerShell Gallery is still the “Go To” place for all released versions of DSC Resource Modules. NuGet feeds mentioned above simply serve as a convenient location where you can obtain development builds (which are still under development) for those of you who would like to give them a spin.


NuGet feed urls for all modules follow this pattern:<Module_Name>

for example, address of xExchange module NuGet feed is:


To use it, first register new PSRepository using PowerShellGet:

Register-PSRepository -Name <Repository_Name> -SourceLocation<Module_Name>


Register-PSRepository -Name xExchangeDev -SourceLocation

Use Find-Module to list available versions of the module:

Find-Module -Repository <Repository_Name>


Find-Module -Repository xExchangeDev


To install latest development version, use the following command:

Install-Module -Name <Module_Name> -Repository <Repository_Name>


Install-Module -Name xExchange -Repository xExchangeDev


You can also install specific version of the module by adding –RequiredVersion parameter:

Install-Module -Name <Module_Name> -Repository <Repository_Name> -RequiredVersion <Version_Number>


Install-Module -Name xExchange -Repository xExchangeDev -RequiredVersion


The above process is also described on DscResources repository page.


Karol Kaczmarek          

Software Engineer

PowerShell Team


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