Desired State Configuration + Puppet

PowerShell Team

Our goal with PowerShell Desired State Configuration is to make Windows easy to manage, regardless of what tool you’re using. We view DSC as a platform technology to manage Windows, and this technology can be extended with the creation of new resources as well as the reuse of PowerShell DSC functionality in different solutions. As Microsoft partners make their components configurable via DSC, their customers will be able to choose from a wide range of configuration management tools that support DSC.

To that end, we are pleased to share that Puppet Labs has launched their support for PowerShell Desired State Configuration. Now, administrators who are familiar with Puppet can leverage the hundreds of DSC resources used to manage Windows. As more Microsoft partners make their components configurable via DSC, Puppet users will have access to the increased manageability of Windows components.

You can find more information about Puppet and DSC at the Puppet Forge. For more information on PowerShell DSC, check out To grab new DSC resources, take a look at





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