Analyzing Weblog Data Using the Admin Development Model

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Someone just tweeted a link to Scott Hanselman’s 2007 blog (an oldie but goodie) about how he used PowerShell to analyze the WebLog data from his podcasts.  He provides a beautiful example of I like to call the “Admin Development model”.  The whole point of the Admin Development Model is that you use tools to quickly and iteratively investigate things until you have an answer and then you are done or you take take the next step and capture the final solution into a script that you’ll use in the future.  Over time, if you use the script more and more often, you’ll add to it and make it more formal and if you decide that others would benefit from it, you can add help and other things to make it a very formal and robust solution.

Scott’s blog walks you through the steps he took in getting to his solution.  Is is both a great example Admin Development Model as well as a good tutorial on how you can use some of the utilities in PowerShell.  Give it a read HERE.  BTW – Scott doesn’t say it but looking at the steps he took, I think he was having a blast.  We don’t talk about it much because we like to wrap ourselves in the flag of “lowering TCO” and “improving IT quality” but the fact of the matter is that the Admin Development Model is a blast! 


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