Adam Weigert Puts NetApp On a String

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Adam Weigert has started a new Codeplex project PowerShell OnTap.   (That brings the total number of PowerShell-related CodePlex projects to 48!)  OnTap provides a functions to manipulate NetApp servers using the OnTAP web service APIs.

I’m not a NetApp user but I was interested in what he was doing and was delighted to read his code.  It is an excellent example of PowerShell coding practices and has a number of excellent and clever techniques in it.   I LOVE Adam’s code – it is logical, clean and visually coherent.  You should view it in an editor that does syntax coloring (like PowerShell V2 CTP2).

My only complaint would be that he should use HERE Strings more.  A number of the utility functions he provides in his library are useful to everyone – I know because I came the same conclusion and we are adding them the next CTP of PowerShell! 

Go read his code and enjoy.  Oh yea, and if you use NetApps, you’ll want to go check it out as well.  🙂

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